I knew about “The Listserv” via twitter. The project consists of subscribe to a huge and anonymous mailing-list and, everyday, one of the suscribers has the opportunity to write an email to the rest of de growing mailing-list

I don’t want to say nothing (good or not) about the texts I find everyday in my inbox… but I think they can’t be lost forever in the safety of the suscribers inboxes.

I’ve set up this site to publish and share those texts in the Internet, where they can be readed by everybody and everybody can share them or leave comments. I’ll never publish the email addresses of the people who writes the texts.

I hope you’ll like this branch of the project as much I like the original one.

Happy reading!

thank you!


PD: If someone, as a subscriber / writer of “The Listserve”, wants to show their email address, website url, twitter profile or any other contact information, etc. or they don’t want their texts being published in this site, please, leave a comment in this page with the issue

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