I recently discovered (through Capoeira) the absolute joy that practising sports can be. I’ve felt more awake, my posture and body control have improved dramatically, and most of all I’ve been having tons of fun. But the story doesn’t end there.

The thing is, my heart is broken. Literally. I have a genetic disease that deforms the heart over time, causing it to pump less efficiently, so every physical activity is more demanding. Every time I overexert myself I risk permanent damage to my heart, makingthe condition worse. I’ve known this for a while now, but I had been ignoring it and pushing myself to the limit nonetheless, just because I couldn’t deal with the idea of reverting to my old unfit self. I’m slowly learning to accept my limitations, however, no matter how unfair they feel, and am trying to find a middle way that keeps me fit and protects my heart at the same time.

I want you guys to take a minute today to appreciate the wonder of this incredibly complex and fragile machinery we inhabit, which keeps ticking along day in and day out, without us even noticing until something goes wrong. Maybe take another minute and ask yourselves if you are putting enough effort into maintaining it, considering you’ll be stuck inside for the next 20, 50, 80 years. And if you have a suggestion for an awesome, low-intensity sport that’s engaging and fun, I would absolutely love to hear it!