Hello all,

All my life I have been fascinated by two things; movies and computers. I am currently 25 years old and am happy to say I have been able to include these two interesting topics into my daily life on a regular basis. Not only am I active as a software consultant, in my spare time I am also applying what I pick up at my job to my own interactive website about movies.

I have to say it feels really great to be able to combine two of my greatest hobbies in this manner, and I can recommend anyone to try to accomplish the same. Luckily it doesn’t happen often, but when I’m for example not interested in programming for a while I can still work on the data for the website. Vice versa, I can optimize some underlying code when I don’t feel like updating the list of upcoming movies or something similar.

I have been working on this project for almost a decade, although I only shared it with the world two years ago. Working on something for that long not only provides a steady basis to come back to regularly, it also allows me to try out different creative concepts. Whenever I discover an interesting new technique or idea, I can immediately apply it to this project that is always in my mind somewhere.

I can imagine some people experiencing such a long running project as limiting, but for me it works quite the opposite way. There is no golden rule that applies to everyone, but I do recommend to try and find several topics of interest to combine in a creative way. Perhaps you’ll find something new and exciting to come back to now every now and then, who knows!

With kind regards,