Do you want to feel free? Do you want to take control over your destiny ?  My modest contribution will discuss how I got there by being an entrepreneur.

Many of my friends and family have warned me, telling me it was very risky to be an entrepreneur, because I could fail, lose a lot of time and money. Telling me that it was much better to remain an employee, to be protected by the salary and social protection.

Finally, I did not listen and I created my own business  In the mean time, I realized that many people around me were dismissed because of the crisis while I still have my job, my company and I managed to keep my team. So being an employee could be risky as well, especially for aged people.

It’s not easy but I am convinced that somehow I’ll be able to do great things.  Above all, I am no longer dependent on others, I no longer need to find a company that suits me, nor a position where I am happy. I no longer need to communicate the relevance of my ideas, I just follow my intuition, think and act.

The future only depends on me, the energy that I put in what I do, my choices, the opportunities that I take, the mistakes I make and finally my ability to turn the luck into success.   Now I feel free, happy and master of my fate. And I think it will last forever