The following are random ideas of things that I will never execute on. If any of these sound cool to you please make them happen:
1. Stoplights could be much more efficient. Think of the millions of cars idling right now at an annoying stoplight for now good reason contributing to global warming.
2. Bananas should be sold in bunches of varying ripeness. That way all your bananas don’t go bad at the same time and everyday you have another perfectly ripe banana.
3. A TV show like Extreme Makeover but for helping people get out of debt. Shows how terrible people are at money management skills and then helps them with budgeting, saving, etc.
4. Moistened toilet paper that is flushable, like the wipes parents use to change diapers. More sanitary, antibacterial, fresh smelling.
5. Babysitting rooms at movie theaters. Gyms have them, why not movie theaters?
6. Gear share program at vacation destinations. It sucks renting umbrellas and stuff when you go to the beach. Other vacationers who are leaving when you’re arriving can hand off the stuff they used.
7. Washers and dryers should be combined. I think these exists but why aren’t they the norm? Moving your wet clothes from thewasher to the nearly identical looking dryer is stupid. I’m sure one machine could do both.
8. Bike-In restaurants.
9. All movie trailers should end with a form that allows you to submit your info and address so you are alerted when the movie comes to your local theater or becomes available to buy.