Let’s talk about privilege (baby, let’s talk about you and me)

We’re all assholes.

I was on the last leg of a road trip Friday, passing through El Paso on my way home to Austin.  Speeding along the highway, I looked across the Rio Grande and into Mexico.  It’s nothing but a river that draws the line between these two countries, but that river’s arbitrary contours divide wealth from poverty, safety from violence. It’s just a river, but there’s no question on which side you’d rather exist.

Isn’t that dumb?

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broken heart

I recently discovered (through Capoeira) the absolute joy that practising sports can be. I’ve felt more awake, my posture and body control have improved dramatically, and most of all I’ve been having tons of fun. But the story doesn’t end there.

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Let’s meet, internet stranger

Hello, stranger.

My name is Nicole. I live in Brooklyn, NY, work at Kickstarter, and I like knitting, tiny instruments, and avocados.  I’m interested in internet communities, but what really tickles me is bridging that terrifying gap between cyberspace and meatspace.

So, let’s try something.

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The Good Life

As of this week, I have been in LA for 7 months pursuing my dream of becoming a TV writer. Though I work multiple jobs (none of them full-time), I may soon run out of money. Last week, I had an emotional breakdown upon realizing that I may have to give up on my dream (or at least go about it in a different way). I’m alternating between wanting to throw in the towel, and wanting to push myself just a little bit harder in order to stay out here. Things are definitely a bit tough right now.

But, as I sit here on the floor of my bedroom, stress-eating Chex mix and inhaling caffeine while I complete work for one job before I go to work at another job, I just want to say:

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Start running your race now

One Sunday in February 2010, I was at brunch with some friends, and I mentioned that I had an interest in taking up running. As friends are known to do, they egged me on until we decided that, as a group, that we would run a 5K together. I started the Couch to 5K program the next day and 9 weeks later was able to run the 5K faster than my friends, some of whom were experienced runners.

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Some random tips to maybe improve something in your life

Dear Listservers,

I’m still figuring out how a lot of stuff works in life. I like to think that I get it right most of the times, but of course I fuck up a lot too.

I believe that’s what it means to be human.

Here are some random tips/insights I’ve had that will hopefully improve your life or either give you something to think about, they did for me.

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