Virtual interaction has become a thing of the now. The instant feedback is addicting and we almost feel like we can touch and experience life in the same way we would if we were physically together. Sometimes the virtual is a good substitute and other times, there is simply nothing that replaces the feelings and the ideas that can flow during a conversation had within a single room. However, the more time we spend in the virtual, the easier it becomes to dismiss the value of coming together in physical spaces.

While working away deep in the virtual, an interdisciplinary group of friends brought me to join them in POPSHOP, the place where we go to work, play, talk, sleep… sometimes, and most importantly work together physically. It’s a place where we can build, where dreams are celebrated, but only if they are followed up by action. Where ideas are great, but not as great as the process of building, of showing others, even if not for monetary gain but for the physical feeling of building. It is our firm belief that the only way to really move quickly, is by sharing with others and by allowing them to help catalyze growth. Leveraging the knowledge of others not for an explicit reciprocity, but an implicit one. Being together physically not only lets us better share our ideas and help each other, but it actually has a really powerful effect. It is that extra level of commitment that drives us to not only talk about our ideas, but take action and make sure we achieve our dreams, and when we get stuck have people around to help us move forward.

So poprightin online to see more and make sure you physically get together with a group representing diverse ideas and skills, to see how much more you can achieve.

P.S. I wrote this in the POPSHOP with the help of some of the awesome people around me.