When I received the email telling me I could write a letter to 20,000 people, I smiled. The timing was hilarious.
The last four days have been the most amazing in my life… but that is a different story (you can ask me about it via email if you like).

After hours and hours of thought, this is a thank you, a thank you to all teachers who approach their jobs and roles with energy, sincerity and enthusiasm. Parents and community leaders too, but especially to those in high school education.

I’m one of those students… you most likely know the type.
The sort of student who loves to learn, but is much less thrilled with proving what I have learned.
You took the time, made the effort and encouraged me to persist, to be better, and even though my marks didn’t quite make it, you still taught me with the same passionate enthusiasm as always.

Just so you know – I’m 22 now – travelling the world, meeting new people, having exciting and challenging adventures.

And guess what?

I’m doing it with that exact same enthusiasm, sincerity and energy you used when you were teaching me some idea that flew right over my head.

On behalf of all students, thank you for your interest in our lives, and for sharing your passion.
I hope someday I can find the patience, wisdom and heart to do the same.