I have always tried to make the world a little better whenever faced with a decision. Now that my wife and I are waiting for a baby, I am even more motivated to do so. Here is something I want to do to make the world a lot better. Let’s improve science education using open source technology!

Here is why I think this needs to happen:
– Basic understanding of science helps people be better citizens of the Earth and our modern global society.
– Real science must be open, conducted with open tools. Science education should be like real science.
– Existing open source technology (Arduino, Raspberry PI, etc) is orders of magnitude cheaper than proprietary science education tech. Harnessing this technology could vastly lower the financial barriers to entry for educational institutions worldwide.

All we need is some good software and hardware designs to make it easy for educators to use. Who’s with me? If you are passionate about open source, science, or education, please get in touch and let’s make great things happen!