1. Get a cat.
2. Never ever believe that your dreams aren’t possible.
3. But don’t assume you’ll achieve them without working hard.
4. You are special.
5. Go ahead, say you don’t like it. See how soon you start to like it after that. (My relationship with Mumford & Sons)
6. Love your family, even the ones you don’t like.
7. Have a good relationship with your siblings.
8. If someone throws a drink on you, hey a free drink.
9. Everybody needs a stuffed animal.
10. Volunteer, and actually listen.
11. Kill your tv.
12. Love yourself (even if you don’t necessarily like yourself).
13. There are some things that will never change, same goes with people.
14. But there are some things and some people that will.
15. Life is a big grey area.
16. Watch Crash, if you haven’t.
17. Give faith a chance.
18. I love all of you, and I don’t have to know you to say that.