These days, life changes faster than people could possibly imagine. Think back to the start of 2011. between then and now, were you expecting half of what happened? A quarter? I certainly didn’t.

In that time, I’ve moved out of home, lost a loved one, decided to drop out of university, started a band, worked full time in IT Support, thrown the biggest concert of my life, moved from Australia to Edinburgh, traveled on my own for the first time, made a brand new set of friends, worked in Recruitment, and most recently, entered voluntary unemployment.

I was mugged twice, robbed once, injured myself countless times, spent more money than I should have, ended more friendships than necessary, started ones I would later regret, felt the saddest I have in my life, and took the stupidest risks yet.

Do I regret it? Not one jot. Would I rather have known these things would happen to me? Not if you paid me. Part of the fun of a movie is not knowing the plot beforehand, and why treat life differently?

All I can say to those who read this is not to plan too far ahead. Let life’s little uncertainties choose a few things for you. Sit back and observe the world for half an hour, and notice the little odd things. It’s not always nice, but it’s always interesting.