When I ask questions, I am genuinely curious to hear the answers. How are you today? Don’t say fine. Tell me what you were anticipating to be stressful at work today, or what you are looking forward to doing this evening. My favourite question to ask is “What are you passionate about?”

It stumps people most of the time. This upsets me because I don’t like to see a disconnect between someone and what makes them the most happy and curious in life. Your passions should always be within arm’s reach. Once I get theball rolling and someone begins opening up to me, I like to think that I’ve lightened their mood and distracted them from whatever negative thoughts were tossing in their heads. Maybe when they’re done speaking to me, they continue the conversation within themselves. Perhaps they had lost touch with what they are passionate about and I helped rekindle their fire.
I initially wanted to write about what was a long distance relationship between my boyfriend and I, but is now local. 286 days in our first year were spent with him in Ottawa and me in Vancouver. I’m also passionate about science (physics, biology, evolution), hockey, Sweden, feminism, body positivity, blood donation, and awareness of depression and anxiety.

So tell me: What are you passionate about?

I want to start interacting with the readers and writers of the Listserve by sending emails. Maybe it’ll become a passion of mine.