I like to ask people what the last thing that really made them laugh was. I think you know a lot about someone when you know what they find the funniest. When you make somebody laugh a lot, you have complete control over them. It’s an interesting power trip to know that you’ve reduced somebody to a blubbering mess. So tell me, when was the last time you really, really laughed? Mine was when this happened:

Last year our cat Piffon died. He was a big part of the family, although it was a love/hate relationship – he had the most annoying meow you could imagine, a whiny guttural sound, like a scarred infant crying for help or something. And he was a total coward too, not one of those cool cats you hear about who kill mice. Once we actually saw him getting chased by a bird. Anyway, he was getting very old so my mum and sister took him to the vet, who explained that he had lived a long life and it was best for him to be put down. My family, despite their sadness, agreed that it was best. On the way home, my sister had Piffon’s body on her lap in the car, her and mum both crying as they drove. Then suddenly, his dead body urinated profusely all over her!

Tears of grief turned to tears of laughter – it was Piffon’s final revenge against the family who so lovingly despised him.